Scrutiny3 has become the software of choice to scrutineers from around the globe!

About the Developer

In 1993, Francois Triegaardt, the author of Scrutiny3, graduated from University with a Masters Degree in Computer Science which he received Cum Laude (with full distinction).

After a short software development career, in 1995 he was employed by Microsoft Consulting Services, a division of the Microsoft Corporation, as a specialist in computer software front-end design and development. At the time he was the youngest consultant to have been employed by Microsoft Consulting Services worldwide.

Having started dancing as a hobby in 1990, this hobby soon turned into an obsession which saw him progressing to the level of championship dancer in both Latin American and Standard. Together with his partner Laura, he won the 1995 South African Rising Star Latin American title and they were runners up for the South African Rising Star Standard title in the same year.

With a keen interest in both computer science and dancing, he noted that there were not many reliable or easy to use scrutineering software systems. This together with the fact that South Africa was chosen to run the 1998 World Latin American DanceSport Championship - Professional Division under the Chairmanship of the late Mr Bill Irvine MBE, spurred him on to begin development of reliable computerised scrutineering software system ... Scrutiny3.

Due to his love of mathematics and in order to ensure the acceptance Scrutiny3 in the scrutineering community, Francois wrote and successfully passed the British Dance Council (BDC) scrutineers examination in 1998.

He has also scrutineered many regional and national championships in South Africa and was also part of the scrutineering team for the 2001 IDO World Freestyle Championships.

Scrutiny3 is now not only one of the world's most user-friendly, feature rich computerised scrutineering systems, but it also contains many requested features from scrutineers around the globe.

Scrutiny3 would not be the system it is today if it were not for the valuable contributions of the following scrutineers, Mr. Jimmy Johnson (Chairman of Adjudicators and BDC Qualified scrutineer), Mrs Tracy Held (BDC qualified), Mr Wolfgang Held (BDC qualified), Mr. Jim Warren (BDC qualified), Mrs Cathy Gibbons (Chairman of Adjudicators and BDC Qualified scrutineer) and Mr Lionel Smith (Emcee).

Special thanks also goes to Mr Roy Brook (New Zealand) and Mr Ferran Rovira (Spain) for their contributions and suggestions.


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