Scrutiny3 Speaks Your Language

Scrutiny3 can speak your language. In Scrutiny3 terms are not predefined, so you can define or edit the names of styles, dances, age groups and grades ... in the language of your choice. You tell Scrutiny3 which dances are to be danced in which competition sections and in which order the dances will be danced. Each round of a competition section can then either have the same sequences of dances as the previous round, or a different sequence altogether.

Plus you can select the language in which Scrutiny3 must print its reports. Currently Scrutiny3 supports the following, English, Dutch, French, French Canadian, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese and Spanish. Scrutiny3 can also easily be updated to suit your specific language requirements.

Additionally Scrutiny3 includes several competition management features such as importing competitor's details directly into the Scrutiny3 database and automatic generation of HTML and PDF (Portable Document Format) reports for easy publication of results on the internet.


Why it works


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