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bullet point What's new in Scrutiny3 Release 3.3

Many new features have been brought into Release 3.3. The most important of these is the inclusion of dance sequences and the new input validation sheet.

In previous versions of Scrutiny3 dances were allocated directly to a competition section. In doing so you were forced to used the same dances for all rounds of the section. This is now no longer the case.

In release 3.3 you are now able to define dance sequences and to allocate different dance sequences to the various rounds of a section. Each dance sequence can contain different dances and may even have a different number of dances.

This is particularly useful for large competitions where for example quarter finals are contested over 3 dances, semi over 4 dances and the final over all 5 dances.

Release 3.3 also includes an all new report. The Input Validation Sheet can be automatically printed at the conclusion of scrutineering a final. This report allows for easy comparison of the data entered by the scrutineer and the actual adjudicators mark sheets.

This report is sure to be the favourite report of Chairman of Adjudicators as the data entry can now be verified quickly and easily.

In addition to these 2 major enhancements, smaller enhances such as a drop down menu and a toolbar feature has been added. The system capacity has been altered to allow for up to 10 competitors in a final.

The print module has also been upgraded and reports such as the final result sheet have been reformatted to include competitor names and all Rule 10 calculations on the sheet.

The form used for capturing the adjudicators final marks has also been enhanced with a more advanced error reporting capabilities which highlights duplicate marks as entered. The rescrutineering function has also been enhancement to now allow for adjudicator marks to be presented in the same order as that that was used when capturing the marks.

Scrutiny3 Release 3.3 also incorporated a new hardware licence key. Read more

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